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This is just some background info on

The house of Gaspers and a little bit about the history of the ASA ( and ABPEFN news groups.
I dont remember to update it that often but since it is really of no interest to most folks that is not a problem.
It's mainly for those newbies that might be interested in how Gaspers and Asphyx got started in the United States and the small part that Retrotek had in it.

Sorry but this is written in both the first and 3rd person. I'm not a gud writer.

One thing you must know is that Gaspers and Asphyx were not always household words nor were they generally accepted by anyone who was of moral standards. Asphyx was Tabboo and Gaspers were mentally ill people.
Any Pictures of girls being choked or hanged, especially nude girls, were considered criminal and were often reported to one agency or another and the pictures removed.
BBS's were shut down. Equipment confiscated.
When this new thing called the Internet came around there were a few asphyx pictures that popped up here and there. Those web pages were also shut down.
Many folks who are new to aspxhyx take it all for granted. They don't know the battles that went on in the early years.
This page is mainly just a diary of how Retrotek and many others helped to break ground and pave the way for the new wave that was sweeping the globe.


The House of Gaspers starts out as a
56k modem, direct dial in BBS (bulletin board).

Originally the house was called Voyeurs BBS and it ran using the RBBS modem scripts and program. It featured females in bondage and a few hanging and strangling photos. It was a download only area until someone developed a way to upload files to the BBS. Voyeurs ran in two states until costs caused it to be run only in New Jersey.


Voyeurs RBBS changed when a program called BOYAN came out which featured BBS DOORs and lots of other nifty features. The House began to have the look and feel of a real house as you entered each DOOR. The rooms where not named but each DOOR lead you to a differant topic.

I was not aware of the real Internet until the beginning of 1992. I got on line and the first place I headed for was the USENET Newsgroups. After a little bit of searching I found a newsgroup the looked like it has some real appeal.

April, 1992 Jeff Stone had created a newsgroup for the discussion of Asphyxia and oxygen deprivation as it applies to sexual asphyxia.
The group is A.S.A. Alt.Sex.Asphyx.
There is very little activity in the group so Jeff decides to quit the newsgroup and asks if I would take it over. I agree. So the Sexual Asphyx Movement actually began on April 15th 1992 when I posted some of the photos of girls hanging (that I had been posting in the BBS) to the ASA group. Activity quickly began to grow on the ASA newgroup.
So does attention from Government and Senatorial committees, and activists.


After being displayed on this rough system it was discovered that there was a much better system out there that could have been used instead of the telnet service. It was called the Internet. The House was still titled Voyeurs BBS when it first appeared on the Internet. It was found that DOORs were no longer needed as a complete directory structure was now available.
The DOORs had now become ROOMS with a different name and topic for each room. After a while it was obvious that since there were so many ROOMS that this acreage was now forming into a House.

I knew two little known slang terms that hookers use to refer to the girls that liked to be choked or smothered while they were being screwed. The terms were "GASPER" and "CHOKE CHICK". I began using these terms on the Newsgroups and found that they were catching on. With the removal of all of the simple bondage photos the House now became
"The House of Gaspers" hosted by "Smiley".

Someone posts a suspected child pronography photo to the ASA newsgroup. The newsgroup and RHOG come under fire. The ASA newsgroup falls under a Senatorial banned newsgroup list.

This list was created by Senator Exonfrom Nebraska.
(The list continues to this day)

Legal email starts to come in from unverified Government sources demanding that RHOG be shut down "volunteraly".

(Guess who's email address becomes very popular). I take charge as unofficial moderator for the group. Letter s of action and appeal fly back and forth for months. Support is limited but persistance is not. RHOG's host decides to keep the site open. An apology comes from two child protection organizations. ASA remains on the banned list but Usenet keeps the group directory active.

Glenn G. finds the House and offers some of his gasper photos to add to the house. The rooms begin to grow. Bass2 and Sandman find the house from a posting on the Alt.Sex.Asphyx news group and also begin contributing photos to help build the house. Selvertung and A.J. come up with some really good photos that are added. The house begins to grow.

Mid 1996

Someone called D-Que finds the house and offers to create a few background icons to use in the house. He also offers some nice characters to be used as hosts for some of the rooms. A neighbor named Doug White redraws many other popular characters to also include.
(the house is remodeled)

A clergy group attacks ASA on behalf of a very popular Television evangilist who's first name is Billy.
Flame emails fly. Letters of introduction are exchanged. The intent of the newsgroup is explained. Final letters of "........and the horse you rode in on" are exchanged.
ASA returns to normal.

Someone named Lee Feldma visits the house and offers a few photos for the house and asks how to read and post to the Usenet news groups anonymously. Not being able to post I offer to post the drawings and photos for Mr. Feldman.

Another room is opened in the House.

Late 1996
Damien visits the house and offers a few casual suggestions for improvement. The stuff is really good and the house begins to take on an entirely new look. Damien helps to rewrite many of the rooms in the house and puts down ground work for future improvements.

Someone posts a few invitation to snuff type articles to ASA. I cancelled those posts. The newsgroup asks me to become the official moderator of the group. I refuse but accept the possition of Administrator.

About the same time it was found that Samson Alexae had created a database of asphyx related movies and rentable videos. There were no sample clips available due to lack of web space. There were sample clips of movies available in the house of gaspers that matched many of the ones that were listed in his database. Samsons Movie List merged with the House of gaspers to form a cross linked movie preview and database. Samson began to do an amazing amount of reseach to make his site as accurate and informative as possible. A few of the rooms in the house were put on hold to give him as much web space as possible and to provide the sample photos for his guide. He proved to be a worthy addition to the house.

The term "ASPHYX was now starting to really catch on. Other folks were using the term on their new asphyx related web pages or refering to their pages as "ASPHYX" pages.

Dangles (using another name) sends an email about him and his wife and suggests that they might be interested in sending some photos to be used in the House. They are concerned that posting to the news groups might cause unwanted attention and email.
They submit 8 photos to be used as a test bed. The response is overwhelming.
Derrick Payne (now Mr.Bodangles) and his wife send in an entire photo set to be used in the house. They want to keep her anonymous so I sugguest we call her Tracy.

A new area labeled Ret's Room is created to hold the new non-commercial photos and a story line is developed.

M5 visits the house. He and his wife Manu send in some photos to be published along with Tracy. With two girls in Ret's room there comes email from folks choosing between the two. The PICK of the Month area and MESSAGE BOARD are created for folks to leave comments and suggestions.

About the same time Bodangles says that Tracy's sister Monique (also a name that I created) would like to send in some photos in competition with her sister.

Manu and Monique both appear in November. A competition between the three girls seems to arise so the Gasper of the Year voting booth is created to decide who is queen among the three contenders.
Tracy wins the competition

USENET decides to save a few bucks and implements an old rule that binaries (photos)may not be posted to non binary newsgroups. A few letters exchange. The only course of action is to try and move all of the subscribers of the ASA newsgroup to an existing binary newsgroup. A group is suggested by one of the subscribers. A letter of intent is submitted with no reply. I submitted a few posts of introduction to the abpefn newsgroup with no reply or refusal. I take a bold chance and "move" all of the subscribers over to the binary newsgroup. We shall have to see if we get kicked out or not.

After seeing that there are many people who do not have access to the Alt.Sex.Asphyx newsgroup or the ABPEFN group it is decided to open a forum where these people can interact with others who are also interested in sexual asphyx. This also provides information for those who have not been active on the group for a while to know where the group moved to. The first topic to be addressed is that the news group is being taken over by a rash of death related and other non ASA posts.

As a result from numerous request from fans, Tracy and Bodangles appear together for the first time in RHOG. Tracy and Monique also appear in the leading shots to " BO's Place ". The only room inside of a room in the house.

November 1998

The house of gaspers gets a notice from our Internet Service Provider stating that the house is over quota. In fact, the house has accounted for more than 35% of all of the traffic to their IP address (that included their commercial accounts.) Good for us , bad for them.
We are given a choice of becoming a pay commercial site or closeing the house. Since the house is a free site and not commercial or charging any fees for access, the decision is made to close the house and look for another ISP to host the house.


GASPERS finds a new home 01/08/1999


The House of Gaspers is moved and rebuilt when Peter and Vicki offer Ret some disk space on Necrobabes. The house web site is rewritten once again for that server.

Ret contacts all of the folks involved with the house and notifies them of the new location. Most are eager to move along with the house except Bodangles, Tracy and Monique. They have their own plans to enter a more commercial venture and decide not to be displayed in the house at the new location. They are surely missed.

After much beta testing by Damien, Neckman, Lash62, Ol'Sarge, Cougar, GASPERS REOPENS on March 1, 1999 on Necrobabes thanks to the generousity of Vick and the help of Peter. The house is allowed some extra web space and expands a little from the previous location on CC.O.L.S..

ASHA makes her debute in the house and is accepted with open arms as MARCH99 pick of the month.

ABG (Sensitive Big Guy) submitts some good photos for the bedroom while Johnny gives us the layout for our next pick of the month.

March 1,1999 Sara is watching over her boyfriends shoulder while he is beta testing the house for the new opening on Necrobabes. She decides that she would like to join the fun and sends in a few photos for the Studio.

April 1999, IB2 sends in some Poser3 renderings to be used in a newly created area. Many of the banners in the rooms are changed over to the renderings from IB2.

April, 1999, Eliane (blue_fantasy) sends in some excellant posers models to also be used in the house. The room banners are split between IB2 and Elaine. Retrotek buys the Poser program and begins to get creative too.

June ,1999, Antonio De Gennaro from Rome Italy sends in photos of PERLA. She is added to the Studio. Antonio sends in some additional photos for the studio.

July, 1999.
ZW sends in a good size collection of photo of his girls posing on the Gallows. A new box is created in the Studio for the GAllOWS GIRLS.


July , 1999, (Rhog is presented as a free (non profit) web site so) Some idiot decides that Free means the same thing as a "free for all" and posts one of the temporary global passwords. All sorts of lurkers start hitting the front door, bandwidth skyrockets. RHOG has limited daily bandwidth so RHOG closes for a couple of days while the temp password is removed and new passwords are issued.

Auguest 15 ,1999, Antonio De Gennaro sends in photos of KATY.

She is added to the Studio. Email and messages appear on the board questioning her appearence. The photoset was originally done for a S/M page and her eyes were shadowed to appear that she had been beaten. Concern for her well being are raised by some folks who have some idea that she was coerced into taking these photos. The url of the bondage site is posted and the email stops.

Auguest 15.1999, Necrobabes moves to their own private server. NB goes down for two days So does RHOG. The server is up and running again on 8/16/99 but rhog is not reactivated until the next day. A few files were lost and the passwords didnt work but Samson (who is now working with NB) is able to fix the problem.

October 31 ,1999, Antonio De Gennaro sends in another set of CARMELLA.

She is added to the STUDIO. (she is without makup and her eyes are not blackened:-).
Her set is a big success.

December 30,1999 Necrobabes is not happy with the new server and decides to move one again. RHOG is asked to cut down on bandwidth until the new server is in place. The lower rooms are deleted until after NB moves once again.

January 5, 2000 Necrobabes is taken off of the web by the Internet police.

The server is confiscated and Samson goes to jail. After a few weeks everyone is cleared and Necrobabes resumes operation with a deficit budget. RHOG and other non profit areas are put on hold until the profits can be recouped and security is tightened to keep the hackers out.

MAY 21,2000

Retrotek is given the word that the old server area has been changed to a new location at necrobabes.ORG. The original pages were set up for NB.COM so everything had to be reset for the new location. Ret decides to rewrite some of the pages entirely and give the house a new look. JUNE 3,2000. The House is just about complete and Ret opens the doors to old members to betatest the new look. The house has a few bugs that are corrected and the word is slowly given that RHOG is open to the public. Word spreads and the house gets hit hard with activity and requests for membership.

JANUARY 12, 2001. RHOG is running full tilt and has grown to a gig of web space. The script for the Asphyx Forum is rewritten to allow Misty to moderate the message board more easily. The place has become pretty big and is gaining more popularity than ever before. A few Noosemasters come out of the closet and offer Retrotek some good neverbefore seen photos. We gear up for a good display.

DECEMBER 27,2001. Four new rooms in RHOG open in the STUDIO. RHOG is getting a record number of hits per hour. Retrotek decides that we may be using too much bandwidth so he decides to remove some of the rooms that are not as popular or have antique files in them. 20 MPG and AVI files are added to the new rooms. Januss has offered to send in his photos of Melissa (a freind of his who he has hung several times). The video is not available so Ret compiles a series of still shots to make a small avi file.

    I (Retrotek) am heavy into working on new photosets and videos for yet another new room to be presented in RHOG late in March. Misty is aware of the new set but does not seem to be interested in assisting to produce it. I ask "why?". After a long conversation she makes it clear to me that The House of Gaspers has become more than just a spare time hobby with me.
    For the last few years and during the recent holidays I have been neglecting my girlfreinds, my daughter, my family and my freinds.
The computer and the web site have become more of an addiction than a hobby. I was using every spare moment and sometimes even taking off work just to sit in front of the computer and work on my free web site. I decided that I had to get my priorites in order.

   I put up a notice that RHOG was closed and just left it at that.




   After a few weeks of THOUSANDS of emails demanding that I reopen RHOG I decided that I would give it another try.
I knew that I could not maintain RHOG as the Gigabyte web site that it was, BUT,
I could condense it down to something more manageable and enjoyable to work on.
But ONLY as a sparetime hobby.
Which is what I finally did and what you see today.

   I want to thank everyone who helped and supported me (Retrotek),
Fancy, Misty for all of these years in making RHOG what it was and is today.

  I also want to thank all of you who came to our little acre over the years.
We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.


PLAY SAFE, NEVER play alone ! ! !

Auto-erotic asphyx is a deadly game.

The only way to win, is not to play.

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