If you know what a GASPER is then you know why you are here.
If you don't know what a GASPER is then maybe you should
read on and see if R.H.O.G. is what you were looking for.

There is no SNUFF or MURDER or BLOOD and GUTS in the House of Gaspers.
This is not a GENERAL ASPHYX type site such as Black Plague or Necrobabes.
Sexual asphyx deals with the living, NOT the dead or dying, nor with fantasy death, snuff, etc.. sexual aspxhy is about actual practicing gaspers.

Sexual asphyx photos vs. asphyx photos

A photo of a girl hanging is;
simply a photo of a girl hanging.

A photo of a girl being choked is;
simply a photo of a girl being choked.

A photo of a girl lying on a bed being choked while making love is,
Sexual Asphyx.


    Asphyxiation is the term used to describe the manner in which a person died. In one way or another the air was cut off to the lungs. It broadly refers to suffocation by fluid, chemical or gas filling the lungs and stopping the oxygen generating process.
Although this is a topic for discussion it is not the main theme of the house.

SEXUAL ASPHYX is the term used to describe a violent form of sexual stimulation during intercourse or sexual foreplay. In Sexual Asphyx the subject has the air cut off in a variety of ways for a short period of time. This can be done once or repeatedly.
    In any manner that the breath of the subject is controlled, the activity is short term and monitored to ensure that the activity is aborted before the partner suffers brain damage or actually dies from being asphyxiated.

AUTOEROTIC SEXUAL ASPHYXIA is the term used to describe the act of Sexual Asphyxia performed by an individual without the assistance of another person. This is a most dangerous type of activity.

IN EITHER CASE of Sexual Asphyxia or Autoerotic Sexual Asphyx, the person that is having their breath controlled or is controlling their own breath is called a GASPER.


The term Gasper is belived to have originated in the Red Light Districts of 18th-19th Century England.

GASPER refers to a living subject. When a person is engaged in sexual asphyx and is having their breath controlled properly it is a natural effect that she would be gasping for air in between sessions.
    Although Gasping originated from a male dominant female subjugate, it has become popular between same sex as well as reverse role playing couples. Auto or solo gasping is unpopular due to the dangers involved and it is more of a form of masturbation. There is more enjoyment and safety in playing with a partner.

    This is a very old term that had been used to describe "ladies of the evening" who found that they could hurry a session with some clients by allowing the client to choke them during sex. This would get the client off faster and allow them to move on to the next client and make more money in an evening.
    While there are terms used to describe ladies that use bondage or other activities to hurry a client along, the term gasper was used by the client to suggest the type of activity he wanted and narrow it down to a specific group of ladies.
    During the time that a girl was being choked she would be gasping for air. Sometimes she would over emphasize her gasping moans to increase the stimulation of her client. Of course there were times when she would really be choked and would actually be gasping for air.
    The word was also later used to describe any woman who found it enjoyable to be "breath controled" in one form or another during sex.
In any case, that is how the term Gasper came around. The term was made popular in 1993 by Sir Sean Connery in Philip Kaufman's movie "Rising Sun".

Some people suggest that the word GASPER is a word that I created.
"It isn't. (as you can see)"
Others say that I made GASPER a household word on the Internet.
"Say what you will."

GASPERs enjoy a wide variety of breath control. Gasping can be accomplished by ,neck pinching the arteries, circumference choking, nose pinching, smothering, hanging, chest compression, gas inhalants chemicals or just about any other means or method to stop the blood to the brain.

Why do it?
Gaspers report that during the time that they are deprived of oxygen that they begin to sense a feeling of euphoria during the time that the brain is starved for oxygen. They also report a heightened sexual experience during the time that they are gasping. They find that the climax of the experience is to be gasping during sex, to be oxygen deprived up to the point of near orgasm, then be released and have a fresh supply of oxygen hit the brain at the moment of orgasm. They are using the mechanism of asphyxia as a sex device. Like a mink glove or a vibrator or oils.
The reports and experiences vary but the end result is usually the same. Great sex.

Is there something wrong with me?

Many folks come to places like The House of Gaspers because they have an interest in Sexual Asphxia or they have a fantasy of being a partner during the S.A. act.
They wonder if they are the only ones in the world that have this craving and why they have it. Is playing with sexual asphyx immoral? Is having this fantasy immoral?

The answer was once given on the S.A.Forum by one of the members.

Moral Dilemma - A Dialogue

Oh hell, yes, I worry about this fantasy. Anyone who has it must.
    I once took a sexuality class at university. The instructor said that it
was not clearly proved in the phychiatric community why people develope
the types of fantasys that they do. Looking around the internet it is easy
to see that people have an enormous range of fantasys, too. It is my belief
that fantasys "grow." Something allows a person to be sexually stimulated
at one time, and the pleasure response increases the likelyhood that a
similar input will create a similar response the next time. Positive feedback.
Like rewarding a pet with a treat when the animal performs a trick.
    On the other hand, the psychiatric community is convinced that everyone
has fantasys. It is the people who do not have, or will not admit to, fantasys
who are mentally unstable. (Yes, women too. The notion that women are not
aroused by visual images and other fantasy aids is traditional, but clinically

But hanging someone?
    I do not believe that sex, per se, is obscene. I remember once seeing a
signiture line on some other newsgroup that read something like: "sex is
healthy and moral and is prohibitied on television, but murder is unhealthy
and immoral and is on television every night." Sex is good. Violence is
bad. The mixing of sex and violence is obscene.

And yet my fantasy is of watching a woman hang. Is that obscene?
By my own definition, yes it is.
    I think I want to go in the direction of the basic distinction
between fantasy and reality. For, I believe that is where the problem
really lies in this case.

    To a great extent, you are more fortunate than I. My significant other
strongly disapproves of my fantasys. I am compelled by simple courtesy
to hide my interest.

    Yet in the end, I know that it is a fantasy. Just a fantasy. I know the
difference between fantasy and reality. (To some extent that is why I like
"art" a bit more than photos. It's easier to know that it is a fantasy.)
Fiction. StarTrek and Tom Clancy and Errol Flynn movies. It's not real.

    Practicing gaspers in our community come closer to that thin line between
fantasy and reality. They are using the mechanism of asphyxia as a sex
device. Like a mink glove or a vibrator or oils. Another type of toy, albiet
a much more dangerous one. Playing with a toy is a good metaphor; because
sex should be playful and fun.

    Roll the calender back fifty years and things like lingerie, bondage and
oral sex were considered nasty evil obscene and something "normal" people
did not do. Yet now, oral sex is not only normal it is common; and Fredericks
of Hollywood is in shopping malls. I don't think that in another fifty
years married couple will include nooses in thier wedding plans. I do think
that the use of this toy should be placed in context.

As long as the noose is used only as a toy...
As long as its use is just one part of a healthy relationship and a playful affectionate sex life...
As long as the difference between fantasy and reality is firm in your mind...
As long as you are still able to recognize the inherent contradiction and be concerned about it...
You are probably okay.

    ASPHYX is a term that is used in the broadest sense to describe any and all forms of Asphyxiation, Asphyxia, or Sexual Asphyx(ia). As it applies to the definition of a web page, the term asphyx can be used to describe a web site that contains text or photos about Asphyxiation ranging from Sexual Asphyxia to Asphyxiation and even death by Asphyxiation (either suicide or murder [snuff]).
     The term Asphyx is often confused with it's origin of gasping and is used incorrectly to refer to snuff, murder, rape, and torture found on many web pages. Stabbings, drownings and shootings have nothing to do with asphyx or sexual asphyx though many web pages use the term to attract visitors. "to each his own".

Lets say that these are the generally accepted concepts of each word.
If not, well, this is how we use them here.

ASPHYXIATION = The "manor" in which a person was reported to have died.

SEXUAL ASPHYX = A "form of breath control" practiced during intercourse or foreplay.

ASPHYXIA = A "condition" where oxygen is deprived to the brain and other organs.

ASPHYX = A "slang" used to imply that oxygen is, or was, deprived, one way or another.

GASPER = A "person" who enjoys being oxygen deprived as a form of sexual stimulant.

WAS A GASPER = Someone who didn't know when to quit or preferred to play alone.

Ok, So now you know that the house deals mostly with gaspers and not snuff, and that this is not a site about swimming, animation, sky diving, or breathing disorders.

So while the house depicts scenes of Asphyx, Asphyxia and Asphyxiation the main theme of the house is that of SEXUAL Asphyx. And that is the topic of the message boards.

If this is what you were looking for then come on in. If not, then hopeully I saved you some time and embarrassment.

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