J.J. loves to be hauled up in the air.
She does not really enjoy hanging by the neck and passing out but prefers harness hanging. Januss pulls her up in the harness and ties it off. While J.J. is hanging he will pull in the rope and tighten the noose around her neck. She can kick and squeal as much as she likes. He can watch her face and tell when she wants him to pull or release on the rope.
She also does some ground work where she gets pulled up on her toes. She will sometimes stand on one foot and lift it off of the ground only for a second or two.

NOPOST AGREEMENT; Januss and the girls were hessitant to allow these photosets.
They do not want to be posted to NewsGroups, E-Groups,Yahoos,Guilds,other web pages
or be part of a CD for sale or donation. No permission will be granted for any of the above.
(This excludes the photos granted permission on Chupacabra's Vore-Asphyxiation Page.)
You are permitted to swap the files via email but be sure to tell your friends that
these are for your private archives and they may not post them either.

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