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  Our man JANUSS met Melissa and found out that she was a gasper who liked to air walk.

   They found a cozey spot in the woods with a good tree for her to hang from. He didn't have a video camera to catch the action with so he had to rely on his trusty still camera to try and get some good shots.

   The rope was thrown over a tree limb. The noose went around her neck and her hands were tied. The free end of the rope was tied to the noose knot.

   When the can is kicked out from under her she hangs and swings wildly while the noose tightens around her neck. She turns in midair and passes out for 10 seconds.

   She is slowly lowered to the ground. Her stiff body holds her erect until she eventually comes back to life, still standing.

   She happily looks into the camera and says that she wants to do it again !!

HANGING MELISSA is a 13 second movie made up
from a dozen still shots that were take by JANUSS.
Filesize is about 600k ZIPPED. You will need the
lastest version of REALPLAYER to run this movie.

NOPOST AGREEMENT; Januss and the girls were hessitant to allow these photosets.
They do not want to be posted to NewsGroups, E-Groups,Yahoos,Guilds,other web pages
or be part of a CD for sale or donation. No permission will be granted for any of the above.
(This excludes the photos granted permission on Chupacabra's Vore-Asphyxiation Page.)
You are permitted to swap the files via email but be sure to tell your friends that
these are for your private archives and they may not post them either.

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