"Hitchhike to Hell / Kidnapped &- Chloroformed Nurses" 2002

Video Overall (7 out of 10!!!)

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A double header!!! from... "W.A.V.E. Productions".

Two tales of murder and revenge! In Hitchhike To Hell, two beautiful women, Charlotte (Suzi Leigh) and Shirley (Debbie D) are thieves looking for their next mark. Picked up while hitchhiking by an apparent county bumpkin (Dean Paul), the girls plan on murdering, and then robbing him. But the tables are turned when Dad (GW Larence) shows up. In the confusion, Charlotte escapes and tries to get help from one of the houses nearby. Christine (Laura Giglio) offers to call the police, but both women are captured before she can make the call. And then their ordeal really begins! Taken back into the woods, each must choose the way they are going to die: shot, stabbed with a pitchfork, or their throat slashed with a machette. (violence, gore, topless nudity, carrying)

In The Kidnapped & Chloroformed Nurses, the sequel to The Kidnapped & Chloroformed Co-eds, Darlene (Laura Giglio) is having terrible nightmares about the murder of her sister, Jean (Tina Krause). She then starts having nightmares about being kidnapped and chloroformed by the same killer. In a bizarre coincidence, Joannne (Debbie D), who is Darlene’s co-worker and friend, has just been assigned as the visiting nurse for the guy (GW Lawrence) who killed Jean.. But he’s now in a wheelchair due to being shot and has been released early from prison because of his disability. Darlene decides that the only way the nightmares will end is if she confronts him and gets revenge for her sister’s death! (violence, strangling, bondage, carrying, dragging) Total Running Time: 85 min.

"Hitchhike to Hell / Kidnapped &- Chloroformed Nurses" is a WAVE double feature that has a little of everything to please most of us.
In Hitchhike... it has all the girls getting tied up; plus we get to see Suzi & Debbie topless, then they all get finished off in this order...
pitch-forked, throat-slit and shot.

While "Kidnapped & Chloroformed Nurses" has plenty of hog tying, carrying, dragging, pantyhose and up the skirt shots.
At the end both victims (Debbie and Laura) get choked/smothered to death.

The DVD runs about 2 hours and the G-Man gives it a worthwhile buy at a 7!!!

If you are interested in buying this DVD, go to WAVE Productions by Clicking HERE.

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