"Spies in the Office" (2007)

Overall Video Score (9 1/2 out of 10!!!)

"Spies in the Office" is right out of the shooting enthusiasts handbook 101 and put to video by John M. from "PKF Studios".

Three lovely young women (Savannah Costello, Meira Belle and Jennifer Stroder) break into a revival's business office to spy
on and hope to gain information from valuable secret files. Unfortunately, they are caught in the act by the firm's deadly and
sadistic security chief played by (a Daniel Baldwin look a like :-) Sean Luke.
The leader (Savannah) of the babes tries to pull her gun on him but quickly finds out it was a deadly mistake and she gets three
quick 9mm slugs pumped into her by Sean... she quickly goes down in agony... convulsing on the floor and clinging to life.
Then he turns to the other two women getting one to strip (Meira) and then coldly shooting Jennifer (a-la "l the Jury") when she
tries to forcibly be romantic with him.
Then Meira freaks out and tries to run and escape out the door... but never makes it... getting popped with two slugs in her back...
she slowly turns around and then gets two more pumped into her breasts and then drops to the carpet.
By this time all three girls are down on the floor near death.
Before Savannah dies of her wounds Sean cuts open her cloths and inspects his deadly handy work.
While still on her back...Jennifer is shot again in her breasts and then also is stripped to have her wounds examined.
Before he leaves... he rolls Meira over and finishes her with a point blank shot to the chest. He leaves the bullet-riddled and
half-naked bodies for the cleanup crew.

"Spies in the Office" is another great shooting video from John M. of PKF Studios!!!
It is chock full of most of your favorite shooting fetish ingredients... shot and stripped while dead or dying
...shot in back and slowly turn arround to be shot again in front ...."I the Jury" scene ...breast hits ...slow death
...turned over by killer and shot again ...and body handling.
Everyone does real good job of acting... especially Savannah doing a great melodramatic death scene. Even Sean plays the sadistic
killer part convincingly well!
Also after the end... there are slow-mo's of all the shootings plus some cool behind the scenes bonus footage.
Only to be nit-picky... this video would be a perfect 10 if...
the two girls with the white shirts wore tighter fitting tops or just wearing their bras to better show off their great figures.
Again... the editing, CGI effects and make up are top-noch!!!
Yes... if you are a shooting video collector... this is a must have video!!!
Again..the G-Man gives this clip his highest recommendation... "MUST BUY"!!!
Video snaps from "Spies in the Office" are shown below...

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V-Caps from "Spies in the Office"


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