"Two Dead Whores" (2009)

Overall Video Score (9 out of 10!!!)

"Two Dead Whores" is a BELLY-BUTT bonanza made by Paul from "Killher Productions".

KHP's Synopsis
Two whores (Britton and Casandra) are standing naked, wearing only thigh high pantyhose and heels, making out, pleasuring each other.
The "John" shows up and Britton heads for the bathroom. Casandra answers the door. He ask where the other is and just as she tells him,
he knocks her out. She is tied to a small table, a towel put under her back to lift up her belly. Casandra awakes to see the man standing
over her with a large knife. She is taunted and then stabbed up into her pussy. Then he moves around and starts to fuck her navel with
the knife. Stabbing it over and over, her blood splattering over her body each time the knife is drawn up and out. Countless stabs are made.
Then he rips up her insides by twist and moving the blade around deep inside. Then she is finished off with more navel stabs. Casandra is
untied and laid on the bed. Now he goes after Britton. He finds her fixing her hair in the mirror and attacks. She is thrown against the wall
and she feels as the blade is stabbed repeatedly into her belly button. Britton falls to the floor and crawls away. He follows her into the other
room and pulls her up by her hair and pushes her back against the stair rail and gives her more stabs to the navel. Then he gives it to her up
into her pussy. She begs him to finish her. Britton gets more stabs into the belly button and then carried into the same bedroom and thrown
on to the bed next to Casandra. He moves over them, rubbing their lovely bodies and giving each a couple more stabs into the navel.

This is the first KHP title I got to screen and review... and no doubt Paul hits a home run for all the BELLY-BUTT fans!!!
To start Paul has two luscious babes... Britton and Casandra steaming things up a bit first with a little lesbo action and... looking mighty fine with
only wearing thigh high cling stockings and high heels. There heavy petting session soon stops when the John (Paul) shows up. While Britton
is in the bathroom Paul starts with Casandra and gets to show off some of his great CGI work... when he repeatedly stabs Casandra in her
bellybutton and twat... makes it look so real but at the same time you can see it is only fantasy... for no real person could take that kind of
punishment and linger on that long. Casandra does a great job with her acting with the right amount of pleas / moaning and with some great
reactionary movements from Paul's hunting knife onslaught. When she finally expires, Casandra gives a really great death pose (shown below).
Well Paul's fun does not stop with Casandra, for he moves on to the next girl. Now its the full figured Britton turn to get much of the same
treatment Casandra got. In Britton scene since she is not tied down... Paul lets us get to see her great looking body from more angles.
Having her crawl away after Paul's first belly stabbing onslaught is a nice touch so we can also get to see Britton's fine looking butt.
A veteran of many KHP's videos... Britton as always does a great job acting out her death scene... also giving great reactions, pleas and moans.

For BELLY-BUTTON death scene fans this video gives you two great looking nude babes for the price of one!!! The G-Man gives it a solid 9!!!

So if you like BELLY-BUTTON death scenes with some twat stabbings thrown in... !!! MUST HAVE NOW !!!
Video snaps from "Two Dead Whores" are shown below...

If you are interested in buying this title, go to "Killher Productions" by Clicking HERE.

V-Caps from "Two Dead Whores"


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