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Statement: This site is not a glorification of violence against women - it is fictional roleplay. I do not endorse the staging of real-life gladiatorial tournaments in which gorgeous scantily clad women fight to the death. If I find out that any of you guys are kidnapping models, flying them by helicopter to a private island, forcing them to fight to the death in cages for the entertainment of a select band of perverted millionaires, I'll have no choice but to alert the authorities. Let's keep it between the ears, people.

Now that I have made my position on this controversial subject clear - enjoy the art!
Tuesday, August 10, 2010.
If you want to see my latest work, I've got a new gallery on Deviantarts: HERE. If you haven't tried DA, you should. You'll probably need to create an account to see the stuff - but it's worth it. DA allows you to favorite pieces and artists, and even send them comments or messages. It's highly addictive. RUN, don't walk!

The incomparable Olaf Winter is creating the best gladiatrix/amazon photoshoots & videos, which you can sample and purchase here: http://www.amazon-warriors.de/index.php?language=en I can't recommend his site enough. Fantastic!

Saturday, March 14, 2009.
There's been very little time to do new artwork, but I'm still alive. I've started up a forum in case anyone's interested in chatting or posting.

Gladiatrix Arena Forum.

Thursday, May 8, 2008.
Welcome to the new-look Gladiatrix Arena. I won't just use this site as a vehicle for my own cartoons, but also to chat and write about my favorite fetish - the female gladiator. I've been working on a fantasy world on which to develop my ideas. Here are a couple of images from that happier place.

My favorite gladiatrix, Diana, is having fun again:

These girls are on their way to the slave-market, and are catching their first glimpse of the Imperial Capital on the horizon. "On the Slave Trail":

Those poor things - being marched through scorching desert, to face the whipping, the branding, the gladiator's oath, and the ultimate goal - the arena!