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 Asphyxia Scene(s) 


Strangling  | 1 |

I  -  Strangling
Of:    Mindy
Jamie Luner
By:    Danny
Mark Murray
With:    Hands
- no gloves
When:    approx. 1.18:00
Motive:    Threat
- an attempt to convince Mindy not to fight
Result:    Non-fatal
- rape
Scene:    Motel Room
- Danny, the manager, has been watching her through a hole in wall; very much like Norman Bates in Psycho
Nudity:    Breasts visible
- Danny tears the nightie away from Mindy's chest
- nudity; always a bonus
- active scene; Mindy puts up a good fight
- well acted; while it lasts, the struggle looks quite real
      - very brief; Danny only chokes Mindy for a few seconds, just enough to convince her he means business

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